The problem with analogies and metaphors is that they require some thought before use, and, when speaking or writing, most people aren't thinking. A good example would be a letter we wrote to a girl we liked in junior high. Reaching for our inner Neruda we described the cute brunette's hair by comparing it to a "flowing brown river," which conjures up an image of muddy, polluted stream in Central Africa. Not quite what we were going for. In today's post about the clap-ridden, car-riding koala there were some funny, observant comments. And then there was this possibly drunken, angry anti-koala screed by Muhnkee_2.

koala beers are the meanest grumpiest little b@stards you could ever meet, they will stick their claws a good inch into your arm or hand if you wave it near them. I suppose they are the automotive equivalent of the Morgan Aero 8, they look cute on the outside but they are nothing but killing machine on the inside!


Wait, you think the Aero 8 is cute but violent and Koalas are angry and dangerous bastards? What strange and magical land do you call home sir?

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