Commenter of the Day: Ford Fission Edition

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El Loverman Misterioso is out tracking down the true culprits behind the 1916 Preparedness Day bombing, so I'm doing Commenter of the Day duty in his stead. Sometimes we choose a COTD based on a commenter's hard work and/or research, but today we're going to bestow it on the commenter who whupped some concise eloquence on an automaker's silly branding games and (as an added bonus) led me to waste several hours obsessively reading the Nuclear Weapons FAQ...

...and that commenter is Seth_L, who had the following to say about today's 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty review:

I'm waiting for the 'Fat Man' edition. To be followed by an F-150 trim package, 'Little Boy.'

Bravo, Seth_L! Can we expect a Joe 1 Edition Volga next?

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Charles_Barrett - Now with Variable-Valve Timing

Oh, and kudos to Murilee for his clever thread title of "Ford Fission Edition". Bravo, Maestro!