Commenter Of The Day: Easter Egg Edition

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The Easter egg, as a symbol of life and rebirth, works fairly well. Ignoring the Greek and Roman fertility aspects of the egg, it's something that even a child can understand, which is why Christians are so eager to pass them out on Easter Sundays. They even have beeping Easter eggs for the students at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. They even have them on DVDs. The concept is so popular that now you can't buy a DVD of a made-for-Lifetime movie without finding a hidden scene of the cancer-girl-with-druggie-dad singing an acoustic version of "Date With Ikea" in her dressing room. In fact, if you go all the way to China you'll see a not-quite-egg-shaped Chery Eastar Convertible, which Jagvar informs us is on sale.

Come on down to Jesus Christ Superstore, where it's a VERY Good Friday as we kick off our Easter weekend super-sale! We're literally crucifying the competition! But hurry, because these prices will rise again in just three days!!! The power of Christ compels save!


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Jeff Glucker

Yikes... Is facebook treading on the COTD pageviews?