It hasn't been the best season for Saturday Night Live, but even when an episode becomes tiresome there's usually one funny Digital Short. Whether it's the joys of being on a boat or of seeing Natalie Portman go hard, they're as close to consistently funny as you're going to get for a weekly comedy show. Our favorite might have to be the "Dear Sister" sketch parodying teen dramas and the season finale of The O.C.. Even if you've never watched The O.C., the repeated shooting of characters to Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" is hilarious. Unfortunately but understandably, NBC didn't upload it to YouTube or Hulu because it aired two days before the Virginia Tech Massacre. Bad timing. The Honda New Small Concept is actually great timing, and Baby Beater Benz has a letter not as funny as "Dear Sister" but important nevertheless.

Dear Honda,

This car...this one right here, slam dunks any hybrid crap which, while I know you're expanding the fuel horizon, isn't really conserving anything, it's merely shifting the wasted fuel's composition.


A Jalop-love

We'll also take a non-hybrid CR-Z. K, thx.