Chevy Chase is great on Community and was great in the first Caddyshack and on SNL. The original Fletch? Legendary. And I'll even give you Spies Like Us. But for everything you see Chevy Chase in and go "That guy's a comic visionary" there are like three films or TV shows that make you go "WTF Chevy Chase?" I mean, Cops And Robbersons? Snow Day? Among the worst may be Deal of the Century with Gregory Hines, about an arms dealer trying to sell unmanned planes to a South American dictator. I think that's the plot, at least. I watched it a few times as a kid on Comedy Central and can't piece the plot together. But the same 11-year-old kid who thought Young Einstein was gold couldn't even stand it. But hey, you gotta make some money, right? It's how ICE-T affords Aston Martins our friends help change the tires for and it's also how Seth Green probably justifies making movies like Sex Drive Oddfish quotes.

BTW, if you didn't get the joke watch this hilarious bit from the I'm guessing not-hilarious Sex Drive