Commenter Of The Day: DB Cooper Edition

We were all set to hand out the Commenter of the Day prize this afternoon. Seriously — all ready to go. We were pleased with our choice, but not overly so — but we hit publish anyway. And it was just as we hit the big red button sending the award straight to the front page that we saw the true grail, teasing us from the bottom of today's Question of the Day all about our man DB Cooper and the money he took. It was calling out to us, teasing us like a white piece of fabric stuck in the pebble stones, hinting at the parachute that may or may not be underneath. In fact, it was so good it even engendered a response from Dr.Danger worthy of besting the original choice, but still paling in comparison to today's prize-worthy entry — an entry able to put into words exactly why we were so keen on a QOTD starring the man who parachuted from the heavens, suitcase of cash strapped to his chest.


The winner today is Armand4:

If DB Cooper was a true Jalop, he would have taken the recently introduced Citroen SM. Set the suspension to full height to get through the woods, then lower it once you get to the highway and cruise to Canada at 125 miles an hour. The leggy brunette flight attendant, however, is an excellent idea.

See — that's why we love the idea of DB — he came up with an amazingly brilliant and yet totally awkward attempt at making his dreams of fortune come true. He shot for the stars and then fell back to earth — kind of like any of us with our project cars. True, our dreams may never be met, but dammit, we're going to try, aren't we? So we're gonna think like Armand4 — we hope DB had that Citroen SM sitting at the side of the road, loose leggy brunette sitting shotgun — if only because we're hoping if he was able to live the dream, so can we.

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