Cooties, for those who were deprived of a childhood, is a fictitious condition with no clear symptoms (other than intense shame) typically afflicting children under the age of nine. Though having Cooties doesn't seem to cause many problems, scientists have developed a cure. By the simple application of a circle, followed by another circle, followed by to two pricks (often called dots), someone can be cured of the disease or prevented from getting it. In Canada, according to Wikipedia, the inhabitants use a variation of this wherein the same treatment provides an indestructible lock against the disease. The cause of the difference has been hotly debated, with most assuming it occurred merely because Canadians are unable to form a convincing rhyme. Contrary to urban legend, the shot will not prevent you from contracting chlamydia, though the disease is cheaper than a new SRT4 as JPech noted.

You can pick up chlamydia for even less money than that, but that wouldn't be a good deal either.


How cheap are we talking here?

Photo Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images