Commenter Of The Day: Cognitive Dissonance Edition

A friend of ours has a good friend who, previously, worked for a now defunct newspaper from the Rocky Mountain region. We won't say which one, but you can probably figure it out. If you follow the news, you'll know the paper folded and almost everyone was "let go" to use the Cliffhanger-esque jargon of the times. This person is out of a job. What does a professional journalist who just lost their career in professional journalism do? They get a job at a local college teaching the next generation of soon-to-be-axed newspaper journalists. This is an example of cognitive dissonance: the act of harboring simultaneous, contradictory beliefs. Today, when we asked you what's the worst aftermarket exterior upgrade, commenter Ealexand responded with a delightful bit of cognitive dissonance.


Comment One:

thast like asking what is the worst kind of cell-phone belt clip. They all make you look like a complete tool. The question has no answer

This was immediately followed by an answer from Ealexand:

but if i had to choose it would be satinless steel spoilers on some 1980's acura riding on two chrome rims and two donuts


Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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