Whether you were pleased or displeased with the turnout of the 2008 federal elections, it's hard to ignore the pure ridiculousness that was the CNN Hologram. We remember sitting at a bar asking ourselves if we were watching a holographic Will.I.Am talking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer from Grand Park in Chicago. The answer was yes. In what has to be the best/worst gimmick of an election season obsessed with gimmickry, the CNN crew setup a tent wherein sensors recording a person could project a fake 3D image of the person in the CNN studio. Why? We're not sure. The extra dimension of reporter somehow detracted from the reportage. Do we need to see a CNN reporter's ass? Maybe if it's Anderson Cooper. Today, Daimler announced they were getting a 10% stake in Tesla, a company just as believable as holographic reporters according to Ash78.

Can you imagine Musk saying "No, I can't give you a stock certificate just yet, but I do have several renderings of what they might look like. What's your email address?"

Does this mean Kevin Rose is going to put some pics of the stock certificates online?