Life, like death, is a hell of a thing. Everyone ages, but not everyone gets old, and we rarely get to decide between the two. Evel Knievel was reportedly an angry, violent man, and the last years of his life were not pleasant. Like most people, we choose to not glorify that part of his personality, focusing instead on the myth: He was a daredevil, a dreamer, a mortal man who made the impossible possible. That he once kicked his son in the face and spent the latter half of his life endorsing things like mobility scooters is less important.

On that note, the comments in today's Evel Knievel post were all over the map. Some of you shared Evel stories from your youth, but many of you pointed out that Knievel was, above all, an asshole. Sinyster may or may not have read the entire thread, but he brought it all back home when he reminded us of Evel's philosophy. This is why we love this guy, personality problems or not:


Inspiration like that doesn't grow on trees. Rest in peace, you crazy bastard.