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Commenter Of The Day: At Least It Looks Awesome Edition

Illustration for article titled Commenter Of The Day: At Least It Looks Awesome Edition

It doesn't take much to convince a company something is a great idea if it looks awesome. Marketing is the art of making a product look awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn't make a product better. Someone convinced Pepsi Co. to make their caffeine-free Pepsi look clear. Why? Because clear conveyed a sense of cleanliness and purity. The marketers went wild and this Clear Pepsi deal was the new, exciting thing. Like everyone else, we purchased this crystal clear cola and rather enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it tasted just like regular Pepsi only a little off. It didn't last long, though, like all misunderstood American ideas, it had a long shelf-life in Europe. The RX400h NYC Taxi looks fairly nifty with its grille-guard, but LamerX noticed this may be the end of its practical use.


I like that bumper bar. As soon as he hits someone with it, it will just smash the headlights, hood and grille, instead of just damaging the bumper.


We guess it's a good thing NYC cabs are rarely in fender-benders.

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layabout inventor of batshit crazy

Nice one LamerX.

I'm retiring from trying to get another COTD,it's just not gonna happen. I'll just be happy with my one.