Commenter Of The Day: Ashes Two Ashes Edition

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There's a Mitch Hedberg joke we like wherein he explains why you can't have a shampoo and condition. Put simply: two types of hair product cannot fit in one. The bottle would overflow. It would be all sticky. It goes back to the concept of two-for-one and the idea, which we've complained about before, about not wanting two times the quantity of something we never wanted in the first place. When it comes to COTD, we're never pleased with the idea of giving someone the COTD twice, but ASH78 was hilarious and there's a serious threat involved.

I've been relying on my Gonadial Position System for about 20 years now, and it rarely fails. All you do is go some place with a map, drive/walk around a bit, and it's all stored in memory. It's mostly a guy thing, but some women have a version of it, too.

Gonads: Never a lost direction. (read it fast)

Yeah, kind of funny, and now we're waiting for this.


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I don't get it.