Commenter Of The Day: Anthropomorphism Edition

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Anthropomorphism is a type of personification in which something non-human is given the traits or characteristics of a man (or woman). With Christmas television programming around the corner we're getting ready to see a lot of freaking anthropomorphism. Reindeers who can feel jealousy, snowmen who can feel loss and candy canes that can feel horror, fear and pain as their tasty, minty lifeblood is sucked out of them by kids seeking a quick yuletide sugar fix. Though he didn't found the idea, Aesop is perhaps best known for the use of anthropomorphism in his many fables such as The Tortoise and The Hare, The Cat and the Mice and The Town Mouse and Bob Lutz. Today we reported on the curious story of Toyota and the Wallpaper, to which SmalleyXB122 provided an explanation that utilizes anthropomorphism.

Looking for a career change, Zero was transferred from the APR department of the financing division to the common sense department of the legal division.


Screeeewwwweeed byyyyyy Zeroooooo!!!

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Mmmmm, tasty, minty lifeblood.

Also: is it just me, or have we successfully scared all the Jalopnik staff (except occasionally Uncle Pete) away from the Jalopnik COTD Smoking Lounge?