Inspired by Don Draper I ordered up an Old Fashioned, so named because it's one of the oldest cocktails ever, dating back to the early 19th century. The true recipe varies by who you ask, but typically it's two ounces bourbon (or brandy), simple syrup (or a sugar cube), dash of bitters and a splash of soda. The garnish could be as simple as a twist, but often includes a twist, an orange slice and cherries served crushed or whole. It's a rather cool looking drink, if not a bit fruity, and I like bourbon. Unfortunately, it has the taste of a prototype. A glimpse of a future full of cocktails that doesn't quite get there. Still, Mudduck67 explains why it's important in the 1959 Chevy vs. 2009 Chevy post.

The guy in the '59 might have died instantly, but with all the Old Fashioneds he had at lunch, he didn't feel a thing. The Malibu driver's going to be cleaning up grape juice boxes spillage for weeks, though.

Ahh... the liquid lunch.