I'm just really not in the target audience for America's Got Talent, I guess. I enjoy a good three-judge-panel talent show and I've even watched an episode of American Idol or two (not by choice). I enjoy Top Chef. But AGT? Just annoying. The show is produced to focus more on the judging and there are all sorts of strange categories and a lot of emotional manipulation in the contestant stories. To quote Morgan Murphy: "Know what would honor your dead dad more than winning? If u stopped doing ventriloquism." It sort of ruins the talent for me. Thankfully, there's nothing to disguise the talent of John Carter. He gave us a new Yugo joke.

A man walks into Pep Boys and says, "I want a windshield wiper for my Yugo." The parts man says, "Sounds like a fair trade..."

Old Yugo jokes FTW.

Sharon Osbourne approves.