When discussing the question of What's The Best Car No One Bought we thought we'd go with the VW Corrado because it wasn't the first one to come to mind and we didn't want to rob people of some good answers. Also, we do believe it's a shame no one bought them. We expected the Galant VR4 to come up. We knew many people were, like us, going to lament the demise of the Phaeton. Both Merkurs came up and we were delighted to see it mentioned here. Like many here, we also wish the Isuzu Impulse still existed. But we have to give Zacarious credit for thinking of an obvious one that sat at the tip of our brain only to tumble forward with his push.

Of course! To be fair to people who didn't buy it, the rotary wasn't well understood at the time (some things never change), but still, great answer. And for excellent work, thoughtful comments, and insight we give you a star. Welcome to the fold.

Photo Credit: Motor Homing