Yep, the comments are still mostly shut down in support of Gizmodo's awesome iPhone scoop (if you haven't checked it out we're guessing you don't own a computer and someone has printed out this page for you. You are perplexed. The Internet knows where you live). We've requested they also search bars for copies of the Toyota FT-86 we can drive and disassemble. Until then we've been moved over to the Jalopnik Facebook page, and it's there we've selected Krickus for his response to our request about vehicular openings.

Definitely a Solstice. Any car with a front hinged hood and a rear hinged trunk has my respect. Add in the trunk looks more like a topographical map of Kilimanjaro then anything designed to carry stuff and you've got a winner.


This is the last day we do this. Also, the #offtopic thread still works.