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You will have to forgive us for being so excited over the Alfa Romeo Giulia! It’s not every day a once-storied brand mounts a comeback with a rear-wheel drive, 510 horsepower stylish sedan that’s also coming back to America after a two-decade hiatus.

Earlier today I said the engine sounds like sex, but clearly that has different meanings to different people. Like Tom here:

Oh God The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s 510 HP V6 Sounds Like Sex

5 minutes of frustrated grunting followed by an hour of crying?

Tom’s comment gets a notable assist from Petehammer, too:

FIVE minutes? You don’t have to brag, dude.

Congrats to both of you on your COTD win! May you figure out how this works eventually! Not that you were speaking from personal experience or anything, right?

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