Comment Of The Day: Wrecking Ball Edition

Hey teens, you know what’s on fleek? The goddamn Shelby GT350R, that’s what.

Our man David Tracy may not be a teen (I don’t think so, anyway) but he knows on fleek when he sees it — or feels it from the passenger’s seat of a 526 horsepower volcano of a Mustang. He ate a chicken sandwich there and nearly lost it the wrong way out thanks to all that power.


One youth (I guess), reader Gregson, also knows how on fleek both the car and chicken sandwich were, and he invoked national treasure Miley Cyrus to tell us about it:

That chicken was a wreeeeecking baalllllll.

The car it never stoped at alllllllll.

It corners just as haaaard as ballllllls.

All it ever did was, bray-hay-hay-ke meeeeeee.

So much COTD win. Miley would be proud. This is how you comment, teens! Put down the Molly and your vaping devices long enough to put some knowledge into your brains!

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