Comment Of The Day: Why Is This On Jalopnik Edition

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Public transit is, for the most part, a good thing. In many cities it’s fast, affordable, efficient, and a better way to get around than a car. On the other hand, nobody likes to witness the public masturbation that seems endemic to subways and buses everywhere. (Well, most people don’t.)

Today’s story on the NYPD hunting a Team USA-loving subway jacker-offer prompted our beloved homegrown version of the dumbass “stick to sports” comment, but The Devil Drives a Rotary puts it all into perspective for us:

To remind us of why we are grateful for the freedom of the car instead of using public transit like a caveman.


There’s generally less jacking off in cars. Or not.

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Congratulations, Mr. The Devil Drives a Rotary, on COTD today! I would like to gift you with a ride on the subway which this lovely lady will give you............or something.