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Comment Of The Day: What Exactly Did I Buy? Edition

Creds: Drakkon- Iceberg Slim
Creds: Drakkon- Iceberg Slim

A Mustang may not be able to Fast & Furious its way under the trailer of a cargo truck, but this mystery custom Fiat 124 probably can.


Reader Drakkon- Iceberg Slim has owned the coolest custom Fiat 124 for three weeks and still has absolutely no idea what exactly the car even is:


Think of it as a stray dog—it doesn’t matter how it got there, what matters is that it’s already potty trained and totally chill for you to enjoy.

Congrats on your COTD, Drakkon. Good luck with your adopted mystery project car.

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Congratulations, Mr. Drakkon - Iceberg Slim, on COTD! My award to you is a Fiat which this lovely lady will deliver after a quick swim.