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Comment Of The Day: 'We're Laughing With You' Edition

We love our man Doug DeMuro because he’s willing to suffer for our amusement. And also, well, actually that’s pretty much it!


Today Doug told us about his used Aston Martin’s first major tragedy; a really nasty screechy noise. And Kspraydad’s response; “Woot, I won the office pool!” doesn’t win today’s Comment Of The Day because it’s exceptionally eloquent or poetic.

But it does pretty perfectly illustrate how much we all love watching Doug’s ridiculousness. Who else is willing to buy a car just so we can bet on when its first tow truck ride will be?


Thanks Doug! We’re laughing with you, I promise. And thanks to the rest of you for reading.

Kspraydad wins the opportunity to watch this music video, which feels appropriate right now.

At least an Aston can run long enough to carry Rick Ross down the road. Maybe Doug should call him and find out who his mechanic is?

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Congratulations, Mr. Kspraydad, on today’s COTD! I would like to gift you with an Aston Martin which this lovely lady will deliver to you as soon as the tow truck arrives.