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Comment Of The Day: We're Going To Need A Bigger Jeep Edition

Hunters and fishermen have quite a few habits in common, including putting their prized kill on display for all to see, whether it’s Bambi on the hood of a truck or little-fin Nemo boarded to the wall. Today we saw a Jeep driver improvise when his catch of the day fit both categories.


Of course the first tired joke to come to mind is “It’s a Jeep thing,” yet sometimes a good joke, with the aid of a good image and decent byline, never truly goes out of fashion.


Commenter Enderxenocide23 hit the nail on the head:

This was their fourth attempt to capture the shark

Illustration for article titled Comment Of The Day: Were Going To Need A Bigger Jeep Edition

To catch a shark, you’re going to need a bigger boat Jeep.

Congrats, Enderxenocide23, on your COTD win:

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Congratulations, Mr. Enderxenocide23, on COTD! My award to you is a Jeep which this lovely lady will deliver after she cleans the windshield.