Comment Of The Day: We Should All Be Dead Edition

Photo credit: Greg Gjerdingen
Photo credit: Greg Gjerdingen

How the hell are any of us alive???

It sounds like a silly question, but it’s not too crazy when it comes to some of the cars of our youth. Before automakers realized that they could actually sell the concept of “safety” as a feature, and the IIHS started releasing videos of all your worst failures, some cars were downright deathtraps. And we didn’t really think about the way we used them, either. For some people, riding in the back-back of a station wagon, with the rear-facing seats, was the highlight of their childhood.


But if that wagon was rear-ended, your face was the crumple zone.

McTurtle brought up this exact point today, and it’s excellent:


It’s a downright miracle that we’re all still here.

McTurtle, congratulations on your COTD win. May you change your name to Methuselah and live forever.

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