Comment of the Day: Vegas Edition

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Photo: Nick Ut (AP)

Burning Man is one of the most bizarre weekends of the year in just about every possible way, but there’s something to be said for the remnants it leaves behind. Namely, the giant Boeing 747 just sitting out in the middle of the desert because no one wanted to claim it and no one has any idea what to do with it.

Folks, it’s a good thing we have featherlite to come up with the money making solutions.


If you can talk The Powers That Be into this, I call dibs on writing the spicy scoop about it on opening night. Until then, congratulations on your COTD.

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I won COTD?

I want to thank the academy... oh wait, wrong speech.... just a second...

*rumnages around in jacket pocket*

There we go...

Thank you mom for always believing in me.

* points to spouse sitting in the front row*

You see hunny, I told you that spending hours on the internet would pay off someday! To my kids... wait I don’t have those... A big shout out to my fellow Jalops. I couldn’t have done this without you. Yes, even you, troll in the greys.

*points to troll sitting in the rafters*

This award is as much my achievement as it is yours. This has been the crowning achievement of a lifetime...

*wipes tear off cheek*

....And world peace.

Thank you.