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Some movies are good, some are bad, some are so bad they are good. But most movies could be better with one simple addition....more motorcycles!

Last night the trailer for the CHIPS remake came out. It stars friend of Jalopnik and all around goofy gearhead Dax Shepherd and Michael Pena, who has proven himself a solid addition in both serious and funny films.

I know we all like to give remakes a hard time because Hollywood seems to be reluctant to embrace original ideas and instead just recycle old stories and bank on nostalgia. But the CHIPS television show was so campy and silly, a modern remake done well could be worth the cost of a movie ticket.


Patrick summed up the trailer as, “21 Jump Street with motorcycles.” The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending) put some deep thought into that statement and kicked off some excellent Kinja.


More motorcycles in films....that’s all you need to do Hollywood and watch the dollars roll in.