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Photo: Danielle Scott (Wikimedia Commons)

The first time a new invention is introduced to the world, it is generally, uh, less than refined. The car was no exception. But isn’t it kind of terrible when those old cars are about as fast as we are today when we get stuck on the highway?

You feel me. You all have one. In Texas, it was the I-35 through Austin. In Philly, it’s... well, it’s literally everything. But good lord do I feel this comment in my soul after several incredibly pressing four-hours-to-go-fifty-kilometers drives:


Okay, yes, I am biased. This is my vote for COTD because, in dating a wonderful human on the north side of Toronto, I am always on the brink of pulling my hair out going down the 401. Any time of day! Doesn’t even matter! It’s horrible. But that horror has earned this Crazie Kanuck a COTD—congratultations.

Staff writer. Motorsport fanatic. Proud owner of a 2013 Mazda 2.

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