Comment Of The Day: Through The Looking Glass Edition

Photo credit: Ben
Photo credit: Ben

We live in dark, disturbing times, my friends. Nothing seems to be the way it should. We fear the apocalypse may be upon us. On top of everything else going on, we find ourselves agreeing with NHTSA. Cars should be loud. Crazy loud.


Alright, so NHTSA doesn’t explicitly use the words “crazy loud,” but I think we all know that’s exactly what they mean when they said that hybrids and electric cars should be making some sort of noise to protect pedestrians. They should pop, they should snort, they should chortle in your face and make you feel good about all the life decisions leading up this one, grand moment of aural driving pleasure.

And yes, ASW12, that means even your jerk neighbor was right:

NHTSA didn’t specify exactly what your Tesla should sound like, but might I suggest the BRM V16 Mk II?

Congrats, ASW12, on your COTD win. May you forever make a very loud noise as you scream into Valhalla.

Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.



Congratulations, Mr. ASW12, on COTD! I would like to gift you with a Harley which this lovely lady will deliver to you, hopefully not at four in the morning.