What does this gif have to do with anything? I have no idea. From Nissan’s 200ZR ad

Jalopnik as a site will never cease to provide you with only the worst advice, like that bad friend of yours who always replies ‘yes’ to your every ‘should I buy this terrible project car’ text. But how far does this go?

Lately our advice has been surprisingly...sensible? We haven’t even done a step-by-step build of a V8-swapped Volvo in years. The last car a Jalopnik staffer bought was an automatic Lexus. Our most recent wrenching advice was to get going with overdue maintenance.

Reader Prelude4WS wonders where this is all going to end:


Truly, there is no end. The bounds of car is limitless. There is forever another project to take on.

Also don’t run your tank dry, you’ll bust your fuel pump.