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Today we learned a Ford Mustang owner blamed a squirrel for the latest documented example of Mustang fuckery. Sure, guy! Sure. Squirrels and digital tire gauges, they’ll do it every time.


Now, I will say that I love animals, and when a squirrel runs into the road, I do try to avoid them generally—if I can do so safely. I’m not a monster. But hey, if it’s gotta be you or something else... maybe make sure it’s you. Reader CalBearsFan99 chimes in with a practical rule.

I would say there’s a lot of small dogs and cats I could eat in one sitting, depending on my hunger level and the barbecue sauce situation (no, I wouldn’t actually do that, calm down before you tweet at me because we’re just talking size hypotheticals here), so maybe scratch them off the list.


But squirrels? Well, sometimes bad things happen.

Makes sense.

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