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Comment Of The Day: Subaru Technica Infection Edition

Illustration for article titled Comment Of The Day: Subaru Technica Infection Edition
Image: Subaru

Subaru of Singapore unveiled a new Forester variant called FUCKS, which is an awesome name for a car, and shows that the auto maker has a modicum of a sense of humor. Shown in Rally Blue with an STI interior, we can only hope that it has the go to match its show. Does it have the totally killer 341-horsepower flat four from the STI S209? We can only hope. That would, indeed, fuck.


You know what FUCKS? An STI. Oh...


For this delightful play on words, emilminty wins today’s COTD trophy. Excellent automotive double entendre. Here’s some new Ozzy (?) for your efforts. 

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Dream Theater of the Absurd

I don’t know if that was what the question mark referred to, but you did spell John Michael Osbourne’s nickname correctly.