Comment of the Day: Stressed Out By Creeps Edition

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David has a particular knack for writing about his projects in a way that makes the rest of us feel like we’re there turning wrenches and uncovering horrible truths in the process. Those of us who do our own work on our own old cars can commiserate, because we’ve all been there. We’ve all seen projects spiral out of control, and we’ve all had projects sidelined by a snapped bolt. When things go worse than expected, we get stressed out.


Congrats to skurdnee for your COTD win. You’ve managed to put into succinct statement how I feel when I see good projects go bad. Thankfully we can be empathetic from the other side of a computer screen. Godspeed, David. 

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Eddie Brannan

A couple hours ago and 22 likes is COTD?

Damn dude, did you scroll the site on your phone for 14 seconds before saying “good enough?”