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Today we learned of the plight of 900 or so would-be Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat owners, pushed to the back of the line for 2016 Hellcat orders after their 2015 orders went unfilled. Not cool, Fiat Chrysler!


And not cool to Dodge’s dealers, either, who were notorious for taking orders and deposits on Hellcats when they didn’t have allocations for them.

As reader mjensenvw points out, wouldn’t it be neat if you didn’t have to deal with all that?

Man, it sure would be nice if you could buy direct from the factory at that factory pricing, rather than having to negotiate a higher price from a middle man who really ends up doing nothing for you other than trying to sell you rust proofing and paint protection packages.

If only there were a company that offered a purchase solution like that...

Someone should do that. I bet the dealers wouldn’t like it though.

Congrats on your COTD win mjensenvw! Maybe someone will make your dream come true someday!

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