Comment Of The Day: Roll For Track Bar Adjustment Edition

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Earlier today Alanis gave us all a breakdown of how the NASCAR playoffs will operate. Points, championships, races, stages, players; it’s all been broken down into a relatively easy to digest packet of information. Even those of us who don’t regularly follow the series can somewhat figure it out now.


Pretty much what we learned is that the NASCAR executives are the dungeon masters for the series. They weave a complex tapestry of a narrative, and then the drivers (the PCs) go on and do silly things that toss that narrative into the trash and they have to start all over again.


It’s time to admit that NASCAR is an RPG, and we are watching a very complex game play out in real life. Thank you for bringing this glorious realization to my attention, Sid Bridge. For this, you win today’s COTD crown.

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Heh - I still have all my dice in a little drawstring bag somewhere. There’s probably a white crayon in there too.