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I believe Jason Drives is not only the best thing on YouTube, but also the reason YouTube was invented, and the peak of human civilization entirely. After this, it’s all downhill until shit turns into Mad Max, folks.

We could put Jason Torchinsky in a bunch of high-end, super fast cars and rare exotics like every other YouTube channel, and it would still be great because Jason is the best. But we don’t. Instead it’s about finding ways to love the cheap, the bizarre, the underrated, and sometimes even the bad. It’s about finding a way to have fun even in a three-wheel mini-truck.


Reader DucFanDan gets it, and he sums up Jalop-ism as succinctly as anyone:

Because “enthusiast” =/= “elitist snob”

Fun cars come in all shapes, sizes, and price points.

Thanks for stopping, Jason.


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