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Hey look, Panoz is back! Sort of.

The company is offering up the Esperante GTR-1 in all its incredible Bush v. Gore-era glory, and you can own one for the low, low price of $890,000. I’m buying two!

And longtime reader McMike is here with the best summary I’ve read from anyone about how it sounds:

You’re not kidding. I saw two ALMS races featuring the Panoz.

The whole field would fly by, lap after lap. Turbocharged car woosh after turbocharged car, high-revving flatplane V8 or some other NA engine, then followed by another turbocharged car, followed by PANOZBLARRBABAFLAKRAKRAKRAKLABREAKREKREKREKAAKAKAAAAA.

The noise that one car was scary. You knew when it fucking went by.

Even Mrs McMike (Who was reading under a tree with earplugs) pulled her earplugs out during a full course yellow, and we talked about how loud the race was, and she asked “Is one of those cars broken?”

I won’t add music to this one. Just listen to the engine instead.

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