Comment Of The Day: Nothing Can Be Certain Edition

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In a world obscured by a shroud of uncertainty, there are a few things that we know will always be true. The sun will always rise in the east, the world will always be round, a Porsche will be reasonably competitive at a race track somewhere, death will come for us all, and taxes. Until recently, we could also rely on Subaru’s EJ series of boxer engines. Now it’s dead, or at least on its final 1UP life, and that’s a little bit sad.

For your comments in remembrance of the long-serving Subi engine, you’ve earned today’s COTD victory, rctothefuture. Have a milkshake on me.

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Autoplay videos, pop-up ads, and sponsored posts loading in between actual content just as I am trying to click...all working perfectly.

Seeing the whole embedded comment in a COTD post on vertical mobile browsing...not so much.