Comment Of The Day: Not That Kind Of Focus Edition

The cheapest jokes. Photo Credit: Ford, the lovely 2006 FoST pictured.

I don’t know if this is exactly a forest-for-the-trees kind of situation, but there are certain times when you end up not exactly focusing on what you’re expected to.

For instance: yesterday we saw a cool (?) new TV show about a world where we have no gas and instead cars run on blood. We had questions:


Reader Bakkster also had questions. Well, he had a question, and it’s a worthwhile one for consideration:

Sure, in the sci fi universe where cars have engine-mouths that consumer people for fuel, why is our anti-hero so cavalier about blood spatterage? Even in this completely unbelievable universe, why should anyone act irrationally?

Indeed, sometimes focusing on the wrong thing is the only way to see things right. Or something like that. I’m done for the day. Have a song. Good evening.

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