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You ever have those friends that you just kind of tolerate? Like, they were cool once and now you can’t tell a story without them trying to one-up you, so talking to them makes it the equivalent of conversing with your own television? Well, if you were CEO of Ford and your ‘friend’ was an employee, I guess you could just fire everyone to hide your true motives.


At least, according to potential conspiracy theory by Just Jeepin’. Imagine, laying off thousands of employees just to hide the fact that you’re getting sick of the guy who was the best man at your wedding. It sounds more like something I, master of the art of ghosting, would do than something I’d expect from the CEO of Ford.  But it’s amusing to imagine, anyway.

(And a special shoutout to Hayden Lorell: that gif is incredible.)

Congratulations on your COTD. I am a big fan of absolutely implausible conspiracy theories. Let’s keep ‘em comin’.

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