The Harley Livewire is totally worth the thirty-grand price tag! No, really, just hear the logic out before you start throwing rotten eggs—why do you have rotten eggs? Think of this as a collector bike meant to be preserved for future generations. You can hold on to it for a couple decades, preserved in a temperature controlled room in your house with zero miles, for the eventual day that you can sell it for a huge profit.

They’ll sell so few of these things, it’s sure to be a hit when we’re all driving those Speeder Bikes with repulsor lift technology that you saw in Star Wars. At least that’s what Moobuckaw thinks.


I don’t think the Livewire will put Harley or Davidson out of business, but it’s funny to think that such an eventuality might play out in Moobuckaw’s mind. He’s playing investment chess, and he’s four moves ahead.

Congratulations on your COTD victory, M’bucks. You should celebrate with a Livewire, but not the Harley, the orange-colored Mountain Dew varietal. 

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