Comment Of The Day: Meow Re-Mix Edition

Photo credit: Kurt Bradley

Our very own Alanis King went on a wheelie-poppin’ thrill ride around Circuit of the Americas on the back of a 170 mph MotoAmerica race bike. The only issue is, we didn’t have a microphone inside her helmet to hear exactly what she thought while hanging on for dear life.


Fortunately, Foodphotographer came to the rescue, dubbing in a vocal track for Alanis that she says is very, very accurate:

It doesn’t hurt that the source audio is of Alanis’ favorite animal appearing to say “no,” but “oh no no no no” is a pretty accurate description of leaning way into turns at ludicrous speeds on a motorcycle for us four-wheel types.

Congratulations, Foodphotographer, for managing to one-up even our own video team!

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