(image Credit: Lane Museum)

Today we got to see what it’s like to drive a diminutive Honda City and then ride the comically compact Motocompo motorcycle that lives in its butt. And we also learned something else about small cars.

Until RexLMM’s comment, the only Mias I’d ever heard of were serving bad tuna sandwiches and playing soccer. But who doesn’t love a sweet little three-spoke center-seated electric-powered road cart?

This 2012 Mia EV lives at the Lane Museum in Nashville, Tenn. and apparently gets used on the regular. The museum’s representative was kind enough to jump into the comments of Jason’s post to share some details on the odd machine.


“Cart-like handling and central seating allowed the driver the Walter Mitty fantasy of driving a McLaren F1,” the museum’s website says. Delightful.

I’m going to have to give RexLMM today’s COTD award for his helpful answer, but the Neutral President gets a shout out for teeing it up.