Photo: sexyninjamonkey/Flickr
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Today, we wrote about how Germany is banning Mercedes from selling their fancy hot-air-blowing “Airscarves,” leaving Mercedes convertible buyers with a problem—a problem to which we now have a brilliant solution.

Mercedes apparently didn’t have the rights to their Airscarf design, which is meant to make driving with the top down on cold days a lot more pleasant thanks to a stream of hot air blown over passengers’ necks. German courts said the automaker can no longer sell cars with the technology, meaning Germans are going to have to drive around with cold necks.

Or maybe not, because apparently there’s already a device meant to keep human necks warm, Dick Nickels writes. But what is it? That’s when GreenN_Gold brilliantly points out what that rare contraption is:

And to celebrate this work of nothing but the purest, most fine genius there is, here’s the world’s finest convertible of all time—the Chrysler LeBaron—getting its hoon on:

Bless us all, the inventors and the imagineers.