Comment Of The Day: Investigate The EMALS Edition

Photo credit: U.S. Navy

Nobody knew launching billion dollar aircraft into the sky from a dead stop in the middle of the ocean could be so complicated. Well, some people knew this, especially the guys who build, run, and maintain aircraft carriers. And even more people probably guessed, but that’s besides the point. Even though it is a ridiculously complex process, President Donald Trump may have just scuttled the most advanced method for executing this complex maneuver on future ships built for the Navy.

Trump expressed his preference for the old steam-powered system in a Time article, and demanded that the naval brass use it on all future aircraft carriers. Probably because steam looks cooler, but could it be the president feels threatened by the “digital” option—the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System. I wonder why that could be?



Congratulations, Jcarr, on your COTD win. May you be launched into eternity efficiently, reliably, and repeatedly, forever and ever.

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