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Maybe ten years ago or so, and almost certainly long before that, an annoying societal meme took hold in the global collective consciousness. It was that of the “trust fall,” in which basically one person would flop on top of another, just to see if they’d catch them. Luckily, this meme seems to have died out. Or has it?

Maybe it’s lived on.

Maybe it’s just not where we suspected.

Maybe it’s living international diplomacy, as StalePhish notes, as an American training missile seems to have mysteriously ended up in Cuba:

Seeing the military and international diplomatic establishment as full of the sort of annoying cretins who are still going around doing old, performative, dumb memes actually makes a lot of sense after a while.

Congratulations, StalePhish, on your COTD win. Maybe the entirety of the United States military never perform a trust fall unto you.

Photo credit: klndonnelly

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