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It seems that even the Chinese are kind of pissed about knockoffs this time when it comes to the Youxia X, ostensibly a Tesla Model S-fighter that may actually be a Tesla Model S.

It’s attractive, I’ll give it that. But it does look an awful lot like a Model S. Or a Maserati Quattroporte. Or an Audi A7.

But what if those are all the same car? How could anyone possibly know? (Besides looking under the hood and stuff, but that takes work.) Eddie Brannan raises a good point:

Make that gif with anything from the above mentioned A7 and QP to a Camry or a Jag XF and it’d look as close as that. That’s generic “car” these days. Also the rear wheel placement of those two vehicles in the gif is significantly different.


Which is followed up by this chart from AeroPrairie:


They’re all the same car! THEY’RE ALL THE SAME CAR! This changes everything.

Congrats on exposing the truth, AeroPrairie and Eddie Brannan. You’re heroes, in every sense of the word.

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