Comment of the Day: High Five, Bro! Edition

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Image: Euro NCAP

You wouldn’t normally think that getting in a massive head-on collision would be cause for celebration, but these two strange expressionless children are high-fiving about it. Perhaps that’s because they’re nestled deep within the comfortable confines of the enormous and mostly indestructible Mercedes-Benz G-class.


The 2019 G-class a big boy, and most of those Chuck Norris jokes from the dawn of the internet will also apply to it. It’ll charge headlong at a wall and it won’t even flinch. Apparently it’s safe enough that you can slam into a wall, and mid-crash turn to your sibling and slap them some skin!


It is for noticing this sibling exuberance that HammerheadFistpunch is today’s COTD victor. Congratulations on your recognition by the academy, and may all of your Euro NCAP crash tests be as high-five-worthy as a David Puddy joke.

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Go Hammer!