Comment of the Day: Genius Inventions Edition

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Technological advances keep marching forward, and the hope is that driving will become better and easier because of this. Volvo wants you to be a safer driver, and that includes getting you to stop texting and driving all the time. Another way that drivers could be saved from their own poor actions? Get the hell out of the left lane unless you’re passing someone.

Maybe in the future cars can tell ignorant drivers when we’re running afoul of the rules of the road. If a car can tell a left lane hog that they’re being passed on the right (and that it is a bad thing) then perhaps with some Pavlovian classical conditioning we as a society can stop holding up other motorists, or causing unsafe right lane passing.


I love this idea, and applaud blasds78 for positing such an incredible invention. Car companies, now that this idea is out there in the ether, you owe us to start inserting this into production as soon as is reasonable and feasible. So, like, yesterday. Congrats on your COTD victory, blasds78, I hope your left lane passes are all clear. 

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