Comment Of The Day: Familiar Fernando Feeling Edition

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Fernando Alonso has had one hell of a career with some serious highs and quite a few lows. One of those lows was found in his second stint at McLaren with failures seemingly coming every day. It’s likely a part of his life that he’d like to forget all about. He occasionally races for Toyota now, including this week at the Dakar Rally, which should mean a serious dose of reliability, no?

Well, about that...


Which prompted the following comment, which isn’t too far from the truth. What it is, however, is a brutal comment on Fred’s reality. Yikes.

Congrats to rctothefuture for taking today’s COTD victory. I laughed, you laughed, we all laughed. Good times...

Anyway, for your efforts, enjoy this delightful throwback to a simpler time.

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I usually like your article Bradley, specially the motorcycle ones, but this is one is just a plain let down. Dakar is Dakar and even massive trucks break down due to the terrain.

Always wondered why people would bash amazing athletes for their few let down in their careers (Alonso, Zidane..etc to only name a few).