Comment of the Day: Electric Truck Startup Edition

When you haven’t got an actual truck to display, and you’re still trying to raise funds to build a prototype, you can say your truck will have pretty much any capabilities and nobody can tell you you’re wrong. I frequently claim that I’m going to put a 996 Turbo motor in my early Porsche Boxster, but being that I’m still in the fundraising segment of that project, it might take a while.


Axel-Ripper’s new electric pickup startup is going to out-do the Atlis XT, or so says they. Not only will it be bigger, better, and faster, it’ll be cheaper, too. Just ask them, and they’ll tell you.

Congratulations on your COTD victory, Axel. Just answer me one thing? Do androids dream of electric trucks? Because I sure do.

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